THE NEVER NEVER Photographic Exhibition

New York photographers, Christopher Griffith and Daniel King, explored the spectacular landscapes of Australian Wildlife Conservancy's Mornington Wildlife Sanctuary in the Kimberley and Mount Zero-Taravale Wildlife Sanctuary in tropical north Queensland.  


THE NEVER NEVER is a photographic celebration of the beauty of the Australian outback and its unique wildlife, to support the critical conservation efforts of Australian Wildlife Conservancy to protect it. 


Sales from the photographs will raise funds for our science and land management activities, delivering effective conservation for Australia's threatened species and landscapes. 

Purchase a limited edition photograph today and support the critical conservation efforts of the Australian Wildlife Conservancy.

Daniel King

Daniel King's stories come from street casting the youth in rural and inner cities and capturing their lives.  King started off as an aspiring surf photographer at 16 and his interest quickly gravitated toward portraiture. King found Mount Zero-Taravale extraordinary, like it was of another world.  


"It was as though time had stood still, the landscapes were untouched and had a sense of purity.  Without organizations like the AWC, this would be lost to all our detriment.  This experience has helped me creatively and in the way I view things, even the urban landscapes with which I am so familiar, through a different lens."  

Christopher Griffith

Christopher Griffith is an acclaimed and award-winning NYC based photographer who has gained both critical and commercial success.  Griffith's experience in the Kimberley had a profound effect on him.


"It is captivating, inspiring and has a mystery that literally draws you in.  It is impossible to describe which is why I am so fortunate to have captured it in this collection of photographs.  I am grateful to Friends of Australian Wildlife Conservancy for this life changing experience."