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80,000 hectare feral herbivore-proof area under construction at Pungalina-Seven Emu

November 2014: The creation of an 80,000 hectare feral herbivore-free area at Pungalina-Seven Emu Wildlife Sanctuary is a step closer with the completion of a 35km section of fence before the wet season. The fence, which runs parallel to the coast and up the escarpment in the Calvert River catchment, will prevent large feral herbivores from impacting a variety sensitive coastal habitats including important coastal wetlands, riparian forest and eucalypt woodlands.

Significantly, it represents the only feral herbivore-free section of coastal land on the Gulf of Carpentaria and will be one of the three largest feral herbivore-free areas on mainland Australia (along with AWC’s Wongalara Wildlife Sanctuary and Mornington Wildlife Sanctuary).

The feral herbivore-free area promises to deliver significant ecological returns for many threatened species that have a stronghold on Pungalina such as the Carpentarian Pseudantechinus, Gulf Snapping Turtle and Northern Brown Bandicoot.

Northern Brown Bandicoot

Preparations are underway to undertake an intensive feral herbivore control program to remove cattle, horses, donkeys and pigs from the area.

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