• Venessa Merrin

Largest ever Red-tailed Phascogale translocation

100 Red-tailed Phascogales were successfully translocated to Mt Gibson in April, representing the largest ever translocation of this nationally threatened species. The translocation was a complex logistical exercise, with the animals transported by air from Sydney to Perth before being transferred by road (five hours) to Mt Gibson.

The Phascogales were released into nest boxes and natural tree hollows after dark. The release went smoothly and our monitoring, including infrared cameras, has captured some great footage of lively Phascogales exploring their new home.

Eight threatened mammal species have been reintroduced at Mt Gibson - a new benchmark for rewilding efforts in Australia. You can watch footage of the latest Red-tailed Phascogale translocation here: Watch exclusive video footage of the Red-Tailed Phascogales at Mt Gibson.


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